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The original Sportcaravan

the Cube 3

The great Transformer

The original Sportcaravan Cube 3

Just drive off

No trailer license required (depending on equipment and towing vehicle)

Extra light

Can also be towed by electric cars

Fully insulated

Suitable for winter and no condensation

On the move

No problem with 100 km/h approval

Just drive off

No trailer driving license required

Extra light

Can also be towed by electric car and small cars

Fully insulated

Suitable for winter and no condensation

Sporty on the go

100 km/h approval is no problem

Have you been searching for a larger original sport caravan that provides optimal use for your hobbies (even professionally)? Now you have found it! Finally, it's here!

With just a few simple steps and no tools, you can transform the CUBE 3 from a leisure and living trailer to a transport trailer and workhorse in no time!

This fits in your Cube 3 - depending on equipment:
  • Up to 3 motorcycles or 2 large touring enduros or 2 Harleys
  • 5 e-bikes, 6 mountain bikes, canoes...
  • 8 seats
  • 6 sleeping places
  • WC room
  • Kitchen block with sink + stove
  • cooling/freezing box
  • heating
  • and much more (see extras)
Technical specifications
// Overall dimensions (exterior) L 5100 x W 2120 x H 2550 mm
// Overall dimensions (inside) L 3500 x W 1580 x H 1850 mm
// Permissible total weight 1250 kg (load increase up to 1500 kg possible/load reduction up to 750 kg possible)
// Curb weight 550 kg (standard equipment)
// Payload 700 kg (depending on equipment and load capacity up to 950 kg possible)
Standard fitting
// 2 pcs. Steel rims 6J 15 H2 load capacity 950 KG / pcs. Tyres 195 / 65 R15
// 1 reinforced axle AL-KO® 1250 kg
// 1 overrun break AL-KO®
// 1 ball coupling AL-KO®
// 1 foldable automatic support wheel reinforced AL-KO®
// 2 sliding supports AL-KO®
// 2 wheel chocks AL-KO®
// 2 pcs. LED lighting units
// 2 pcs. LED position lights
// 1 set of aluminium lashing rails (airline rails) consisting of:7 pcs. embedded in the ground + 3 pcs each on the walls. Incl. 4 ring eyelets (heavy version for fixing heavy objects to the ground), 4 x ring eyelets (lightweight design for fixing light objects to the wall), 4 pcs hooks
// 1 support load scale
// 3 pc. LED lighting with AA battery
// 1 piece of 4 hook rail on door
// 1 pc. door trash can
Wall / floor / door / window (fully insulated)
// Walls + Roof GRP sandwich polyester (PU insulated total 30 mm / increased protection against hail / self-supporting construction)
// Colour similar to RAL 9016 / Design Stripe SPORTCARAVAN
// Ceiling covered with artificial felt on the inside
// Floor, insulated floor structure (total thickness 50 mm), high-quality PVC flooring
// 4 cable outlet in the floor
// 1 pc. garage door element 2 flg. espagnolette lock stainless steel incl. lock W 1580 x H 1850
// 1 living room door including cylinder lock W 580 x H 1650
// 1 window (right) incl. blackout fly blind DOMETIC ® W 900 x H 400
// 1 roof hood incl. Blackout fly roller blind DOMETIC ® Mini Heki W 700 x L 500
// 2 pcs. forced ventilation via mushroom fan roof / louvered fan garage door
Factory collection

basic price

13.900 €

incl. VAT.
Here you can download all information.
Financing by Santander Bank is possible, just contact us.

Check him out!

Impressions of the Cube 3 - any questions? Feel free to contact us.
Beladene Ladefläche L 3500 mit WC Raum 2500 X B 1580 X H 1850 mm
Doppelbett Hubbett
Hubbett variable Höhenverstellung
Waschbecken und Kocher
Durchstieg ins Dachzelt
Umbau Hubbett
Dachzelt Einstieg
Innen WC
Umgebaute Sitzgruppe Bett
Sitzgruppe Umbau Hubbett
We reserve the right to make changes, some of the illustrations show special equipment. Illustrations are not to scale. Approximate dimensions and weight, without motorcycles, bicycles, surfboards and other furnishings.
From the inventor of the original sport caravan

The Transformer among caravans

the sportcaravan cube 3

The latest innovation from the Harthauser innovation forge SPORTCARAVAN is called: The original SPORTCARAVAN CUBE 3. The small big one is aimed at all those who have long wanted a smaller SPORTCARAVAN and feel addressed by the slogan "It's not a caravan." The unique selling point of the CUBE 3 is clearly and unequivocally defined:

With just a few simple steps and no tools, you can transform the new CUBE 3 from a leisure and living trailer to a transport trailer and workhorse in no time!


In the new CUBE 3, we have implemented our unique DNA 100%:
  • Multifunctionality:
    Living and transporting in one vehicle
  • Top Insulation:
    Thanks to high-quality sandwich construction
  • Absolute Craftsmanship Quality:
    Completely made in Germany


Thanks to completely tool-free furniture assembly and disassembly, the leisure and living trailer becomes a real transport transformer. This means: during the week it is instantly available to you as a pure transport trailer and workhorse (craftsmen will be happy), and for the weekend or vacation, you transform it into a full-fledged leisure SPORTCARAVAN.

The CUBE 3 can be moved in the basic version without a trailer license, and thanks to the low weight, operation with smaller vehicles or electric vehicles is no problem.


158 cm width, 185 cm height, and an incredible 350 cm length will amaze you. Of course, the small one is completely and fully insulated and suitable for winter. Instead of the conventional polywood or wood construction in this class, the proven SPORTCARAVAN high-quality sandwich construction was consciously used, resulting in the usual condensation formation being avoided.


Nothing is missing. This is ensured by the many extras of the modular system. With the Cube 3 Camper, caravanning and passion for detail are perfectly implemented. You can look forward to a high-quality interior depending on the selection, with up to 6 sleeping places, up to 8 seats, WC, kitchen with sink, cooling and freezing box, stove, heating, and much more.

Thanks to this well-thought-out modular system with a multitude of extras, you can turn your CUBE 3 into an individual mobile leisure sport basement of the highest class. Here are some examples:

  • Cold beer or wine? Choose the cooling and freezing box module
  • Cooking, showering, roof tent, toilet, spare wheel, a ramp for the bike? You have the choice
  • Want to celebrate with friends in the awning? No problem
  • With special off-road equipment, you are well-prepared for the wilderness


The SPORTCARAVAN CUBE 3 offers living space with comfort and plenty of room for countless sports equipment, including a kitchen block and WC, depending on individual choice.

Travel, Fun & Freedom: This is embodied by "The great Cube 3." If you are a true sports fan and do not want to miss your equipment on your travels, this small caravan is just right for you. It fits in the garage, always ready, loaded with your individual leisure sports equipment. And it has enough space for sports and leisure gear: Up to 3 motorcycles, or e-bikes, mountain bikes, canoes, diving equipment, model sports, etc., fit in the CUBE 3. No wonder SPORTCARAVAN says, "Take what you want!"